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What is SPC?

Why Choose SPC?

SPC Multi-Layer Construction

SPC is a luxury innovative flooring product now becoming available to the UK market and is very much changing the future of flooring options.

But not all SPC on the UK market is the same!

KCCP's bespoke SPC offers beauty and charm to any environment without compromising on quality or functionality. With our embossed texture we imitate nature recreating the authentic beauty of real wood. Made predominantly of limestone, creates a 100% waterproof, strong, durable, hard wearing compound, which is indentation resistant. Combined with a strong wear layer also provides a very high scratch and stain resistant floor that is easy to maintain.

SPC is not only suitable for residential use but can also be used it all aspects of commercial installs such as Hotels, Care homes, Leisure pods, Schools, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants the list goes on!

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UV Coating
The Double UV coating provides a strong resistance against fading from direct sunlight during use. It also supports the wear layer in its resistance against scratching and moisture.

Transparent Wear Layer
The transparent wear layer uses surface texture technology to create a hardness that has high fire and scratch resistance to increase the products life span.

Decorative Film Layer
The decorative film layer uses 3D printing technology to create a deep, true colour wood grain effect to bring natural beauty to the floor.

SPC Core Layer
KCCP's SPC is a single super-hard core layer which includes the Unilin click joints. This provides a super strong click system, 100% waterproof and indentation resistance base that is free from harmful chemicals. It is also stable under extreme temperature changes, making it compatible for use in Garden rooms, Leisure pods and Kitchen areas where direct sunlight penetrates through large windows / Bi-fold doors.

Product Features & Benefits

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Why We Use Separate Eco Friendly Underlayments

The majority of SPC flooring on the UK market comes with a pre attached Underlayment. Although we at KCCP agree this is a great idea, unfortunately its not the best solution and doesn't really work.

What should an Underlay Achieve?
An Underlayments job is to Support the Click system of the SPC along with providing acoustic reduction, moisture protection (DPM) and insulating benefits.

Pre attached underlayment leaves a gap between the most important part of your flooring, the click system. It fails to provide a Moisture (DPM) Barrier and has much lower insulating and acoustic values than 99% of underlayments compatible for SPC.


Picture of Majority of UK SPC


Normal SPC with Attached underlayment (Gap down the centre)

No Joint support
No moisture protection
Low insulation
Low Acoustic values 
Adhesive used to glue the Underlayment

KCCP's SPC and Underlayment


KCCP SPC with separate underlayment (No Gap down the centre)

Full Joint support
Advanced moisture protection

High thermal insulation
High Acoustic values 
Eco Friendly 
VOC Free (No Volitile organic chemicals or glues) 

Why We Use The Unilin Locking System?

All of KCCP's SPC collections utilise the official Unilin locking system, making it fast and easy to fit, whilst providing peace of mind your joints are locked tight.

Even if you’re working in tricky or restricted spaces, you can easily achieve a perfect finish as the Unilin click system offers 2 ways of installation. This makes it very easy to slide under doors, skirting and architraves when fitting.

The system can be classified as an angle or basic locking profile. This means it can either be installed by an angular rotation movement (20-30°), or can also be installed in a horizontal way by snapping the planks into each other. Both of these methods make installations simple and fast.

Uniclic over the years has became the industry's favourite locking technology thanks to its unmatched production, efficiency and technical performance. Its Performance cannot be matched by any other locking system to date.

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